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packapouch Review



Product details:

PackaPouch™ is a unique hands free carrier. The wrap-around style allows the carrier to sit comfortably on the body, it is evenly supported over both shoulders and the contents of your bag are secure and easy to reach. If you want the freedom to lift and carry items in a supported way then PackaPouch™ is for you. Used by ladies, gents and kids for a range of jobs at home or outdoors, PackaPouch™ will reduce bending and twisting movements to make your life easier.

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Mary Campbell –
Fabulous Inventions Ltd
Frobisher Avenue

Review By Brian Anderson:

My overall reaction to this product is that it is a very useful item to have available for many users, although I have used the product in an unconventional way.

In my situation as a wheelchair user and a bird watcher I don’t think it helps me to have the pouch strapped across my chest because of the binoculars that would be hanging around my neck and resting on the pouch.


Brian with the PackaPouch

Additionally, I attach a telescope and hide clamp across the front of my chair from time to time so that I can easily swing the telescope up to my eye when I need to view birds at long distance. The PackaPouch just increases the clutter around my chest and stomach area.

That’s not a criticism of the product but is more down to my personal system and I still intend to experiment with the product and try other ways of using it.

In addition to my initial use of the PackaPouch and its intended use I can see it as bag to hang on the back of the wheelchair or as a emergency knapsack in conventional use. In my estimation it could also be attached as a bag below the seat of a wheelchair on certain models.

I like the product and still want to experiment its use over time.

Brian Anderson

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