About Birding for All

About Birding For All


Early days at the birdfair (even our title embedded on this picture looks old now!!)

Early days at the birdfair (even our title embedded on this picture looks old now!!)

The charity was set up in April 2000 as the Disabled Birders Association by Bo Beolens, an ordinary birder with a minor disability. Since then it has grown into an international organisation with well over 1000 members.

In April  2010 we changed our name to ‘Birding For All’ as we wanted to stress our inclusive nature, and to be more all encompassing after our own realisation that it was not just physical disabilities that affect access. For example, parents pushing strollers also often struggle with the same obstacles as wheelchair users. Moreover, It is clear that barriers also exist for people with different orientations, cultures, mental health issues and so forth – diversity should be championed too. So, we changed our name to ‘Birding For All’, after all everyone benefits from better access.

Our mission statement and constitution are elsewhere on this website; this page is a summary of contact details etc. For new visitors to the website. In April 2002 the DBA was registered as a charity in the UK – Number: 1091755

Why We Exist


We exist to encourage better access for all people to resources, services and reserves for birding. We would NEVER compromise the needs of birds and their conservation but, after that consideration, firmly believe that birding should be open to all. Much needs to be done to make this a reality for everyone with mobility problems and other disabilities as well as making access easier by removing cultural barriers too. The very best reserves have loop systems, tap rails, and ramps, but also are welcoming to all ages, races, orientations and both genders. The very best hides have movable benches of different heights and viewing slots with downward opening covers and at different heights. However, the best are still few and far between. This is why Birding For All will continue to try and make a difference.

For further information on joining Birding For All you can visit our membership page or fill in our membership form, joining is free to all.

Below from the left: Patron Tristan Reid, volunteers Phil Gatley & Zoe Halliday and Treasurer Brain Anderson.

About Birding for All

Birding for All Chair & Founder Bo Beolens and volunteer Maggie Beolens

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