The Birding For All Team

The Birding For All Team

Meet the Birding For All team below.

Brian Anderson – Treasurer

Brian Anderson has been an avid birdwatcher since 1976. He is a full-time wheelchair user for nearly eight decades.  A retired accountant at BP, he became treasurer of Birding For All the day it was founded as he has always been keen to enable improved access to bird reserves and other nature areas, not only in the UK but around the world. He has circumnavigated the globe with Birding For All and enjoyed the experience immensely.



Bo Beolens – Founder & Chair

Bo Beolens founded and chairs Birding For All. Hi is known more widely as the Fatbirder for his web presence, as the Grumpy Old Birder for his monthly column in a birding magazine and for his eight books such as the Eponym Dictionary of Birds and, A~Z of Birds. He has had a form of arthritis for over half a century – so he combined self-interest and a passionate belief that everyone should have equal opportunity when he founded BFA.


Cherry Harris – Membership Secretary

Cherry Harris joined Birding For All in 2019 as Membership Secretary. Brought up to love all things to do with the environment, she learned to enjoy birding from an early age and made sure her love of it was passed on to her children. Now retired, she enjoys nothing more than watching birds come into her garden to drink from and bathe in her large, strategically placed birdbath. She believes that everyone should be given the chance to enjoy all bird activity.




All members of the Birding For All team work on a voluntary basis for the charity. Their support allows us to do what we do. They have been assisted over the years by many volunteers such as, in no particular order: Phil Gatley, Zoe Halliday, Ashley Beolens, Sue Maggie Beolens, Ann Davies, Steve Lister, Christine Laugesen & Carol Rawlings to name just a few.

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