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BFA Trips

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Birding For All organises occasional trips for members to an overseas birding destination usually in conjunction with an existing birding trip company. Much of the planning is undertaken by our founder and all destinations and accommodation are suitable for independent disabled birders.

We do not provide personal care or assistance, and hotels and lodges are chosen that can cater for anyone with mobility problems including those who must use wheelchairs all the time.

Whilst we do ensure that basic facilities and birding locales are accessible it does depend on BFA members having an intrepid spirit. Occasionally access might involve a little loss of dignity or minor inconvenience – this is to ensure that everyone on the trip can see the maximum number of birds.

Third World

Often the best birds are found in third world countries with third world infrastructure – everyone either has to pay through the nose or “rough it” a bit. We try to keep the price as low as possible and, whilst we do not compromise on necessary access, neither do we insist on the utmost luxury and convenience.

Do not be put off by this introduction.

All the past participants will, I am sure, be happy to talk to anyone contemplating a trip. So far we have had wonderful trips on five continents with terrific guides and facilities and, best of all, lots of superb birds.


Our Trips

Our first trip to Kenya in 2001 was excellent and the accommodation ranged from the basic to the luxurious. While in 2002 the trip was to Point Pelee in Canada.

2003 we visited Northern India in March and Hungary in September.

In 2004 we went to Texas and Mexico [and some of us made a private disabled trip to Australia & New Zealand]

2006 we went to Southern Africa including Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.

In 2011 We went to Jamaica and Cuba in spring

Since then we have not organised a trip, apart from private trips to Europe as so few members have expressed an interest but we are happy to try if several members express an interest.

Past Trips

Full details of past and future trips can be found elsewhere on the Anytimes Tours website – see the Trip Reports page.

Reports can be found here:

Kenya 2001

Canada 2002

Australia 2004

Mexico 2004

Texas 2004

South Africa 2006 – Western Cape

South Africa 2006 – Eastern Cape

Zambia, Botswana, Namibia 2006

Our founder has built up lots of contacts around the world so investigates possible venues for future trips so any BFA traveller needing advice or help is welcomed to contact him (bo beolens) to see if he has info of use.

Come and join us!

Let us know if you have a report to post on your experience of overseas birding with a mobility problem….


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