Twitching Taxi

The Accessible Twitching Taxi

Twitching Taxi

Twitching Taxi

Mel Shepherd-Wells writes on his BLOG:

At first, I was just a birder and nature lover, mostly a birder locally in Essex, but also around the country then some Twitching. Now I want to pass on my love, passion and knowledge to everyone who wants to join me. Young and old alike, novice to experienced.

Please check out my latest birding bus ‘Milomobile’:

5 Seater

I have this 5 seater VW Caddy with mobility access specifically with the lowered height floor to accommodate a wheelchair so mobility impaired nature lovers can see everything from their chair.

When BFA asked him about it he said:

“Cheers – you’re right I have a wheelchair vehicle and can accommodate one wheelchair user and up to 4 others (non-wheelchair) for bird and nature guiding or events like the British Bird Fair, or the Spurn migration festival etc.”.


This is a guiding service so there is a fee and the taxi can be hired by the day or by the hour and the rates are on the website. A full vehicle works out cheapest as rates are not per person.

10% discount for BFA Members!

Check out his website: Birding and Beyond

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