Lodmoor RSPB Reserve

Lodmoor RSPB Reserve (RSPB)


Reserve Name     Lodmoor RSPB Reserve

Managing Authority     RSPB

Preston Road

Phone Number     01305 778313
Email     weymouth.reserves@rspb.org.uk
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Access (Transport)
You can reach Weymouth by train (Radipole RSPB reserve is only a 5 minute walk away!) Buses go to Radipole.

Parking & Toilet Provision
Very Large Carpark for the town in general has some bays next to the reserve

Opening Hours

Admission Charges

Description of Habitat & Facilities

This is a brilliant reserve, open at all times (because of vandalism problems earlier) The car park is worth checking out as it can be host to the occasional migrant ( e.g. Wryneck). For toilet facilities you would need to park in the “tourist” area known as Lodmoor Country Park, it is far better to go to the car park adjacent the reserve. You can do a complete circular walk around the reserve on fairly good paths, but is a long walk (it took us 1 ½ hours going very slowly).

You can view the main areas very quickly from the path near the car park, within about 100 yards. When the viewing platforms are sorted out this will become quite easy, as it is, it is far from ideal. Nevertheless Lodmoor is worth Checking on a daily basis when staying in the area, last time we picked up White-rumped Sandpiper. It is also worth crossing the busy main road (A453), to view the beach, as this location gives a brilliant panoramic view of the bay, here we observed a Peregrine hunting across the bay scattering Dunlins, truly an awesome sight.

Description of Trails

Trail Surfaces

Number of Hides

Description of Hides [By name or number]

Target Species

Nearby Sites
Brilliant & varied birdwatching packed into a relatively small area, Weymouth Council have put quite some effort into providing accessible facilities. Check out their web site: weymouth.gov.uk/ for a brilliant set of pages entitled: a guide to Weymouth & Portland for visitors with special needs. This lists among other things car parking & toilet facilities (mostly RADAR), access details for tourist attractions in the area, shopping & banking details, as well as suitable accommodation. You can ring for an access booklet (brilliant!). More local authorities should do this sort of thing. Do double check the information provided as I have noticed some inaccuracies. For example, they still list Lodmoor RSPB as having 2 accessible hides; one has been destroyed, while the other is closed because of vandalism. My understanding is that the RSPB wants to replace these with viewing platforms to counteract vandalism & other social problems! This area is also good if you can only birdwatch by public transport.

You can reach Weymouth by train (Radipole RSPB reserve is only a 5 minute walk away!) Buses go to Radipole, Portland (the Bill only in season) & the village of Abbotsbury (daily in season). Please note that parking in the Weymouth & Portland area is almost exclusively paying & starts early in the day, so don’t get caught out! (Blue badge holders free), you can get a weekly ticket, and you can get a discounted ticket when visiting Radipole from the RSPB visitor centre.

If staying in Weymouth, taxis are quite cheap to get around.

Contact: Weymouth Tourist Information Centre, Kings Statue, Esplanade, Weymouth – Tel: 01305 785747 Portland Although Portland does not have specific reserves, it is renowned for birdwatching particularly during migration time; it is also very good for sea watching.


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