Lake Walcott State Park

Lake Walcott State Park (Idaho Parks & Recreation)


Reserve Name     Lake Walcott State Park

Managing Authority     Idaho Parks & Recreation

959 E Minidoka Dam
ID 83350

Phone Number     (208) 436-1258
Website     Lake Walcott State Park Website
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Access (Transport)

Parking & Toilet Provision
The Park has disabled parking areas.

Opening Hours

Admission Charges

Description of Habitat & Facilities

The area is good birding in spring and fall, and fair during summer.  The Park is usually quieter and not crowded during the week.  During weekends there are many visitors, using bikes, skates, etc.  The trails are safe, but do not have railings (except the lake overlooks have railings).  During the week when it is quieter, the park is a good place for visually impaired birders to bird by sound.  There are picnic tables or benches scattered along the paved trails for rest sites.  There are picnic tables accessible by wheel chair.  The trails are not kept snow free during winter.  Rest rooms are or will soon be ADA compliant.

Summers can be very hot.  Most of the trails are in shaded areas, although the trail to the lake overlooks is mostly unshaded.  There are lots of insects, most of which do not bite, but they are a nuisance. Mosquito spray is advised, especially in the cooler parts of the day.

There are no facilities designed specifically for blind or deaf visitors.  The Park Office is not wheelchair accessible, but is due for replacement next year.  The Refuge Office is accessible, and the new Park Office will also be wheelchair accessible.  One of the two cabins for rent is wheelchair accessible.  The Park will start a $500,000 ADA upgrade project this fall.

Description of Trails
It has about 2 miles of paved trails that are suitable for wheel chairs, with gradual grades and no sharp drop offs.

There are two safe overlooks to the lake with paved access trails.

One of the overlooks can be used by chair bound fisherman.

Trail Surfaces

Number of Hides     
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